At MIGHTY, we’re fully commited to building a Green Business.

To be transparent and accountable to our customers and community and make sure that we’re aligned with processes that make sense for the planet.

From resource usage, packaging and common sustainability practices,

we’ll keep you posted on what we’re doing to make sure we stay on track and lead by example as a proper green business.

A Story About Calories

Factory Farmed Meat





of all calories grown go to food production. aka: an animal

only 12%

of those calories come out the other end as consumable calories for humans


Chicken is actually the most efficient meat but that ‘efficiency’ still comes at a cost of nine calories in to get one calorie out.

Mighty Food

We make the calories we use into the same amount of calories but remould them into new textures and tastes (magic). As a result, the final output stays the same as the original input. Calorically Speaking. (wow. that’s a word!)





We make the calories we use into the same amount of calories

It quite literally comes down to food production efficiency.

If we can eat the same great tasting food, that starts at the same source, but skips the super inefficient part of the process, why wouldn’t we?

Sustainable Development Goals

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The project is funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU